We are an international software solutions provider for All Industries. We’ve been contributing our services as DocketApps (Pvt) Ltd since 2014. The company has a presence in Europe, the Middle East, America, Asia and Africa delivering innovative solutions to both start-ups and established companies, institutions also for the New Entrepreneurs, through direct communication or a reliable partner’s network.

We develop websites that are fast and flexible, allowing you to take your business to the next level.
Websites are the most pertinent solution for any growing business. we offer you customized, powerful, responsive and dynamic website that meet your business needs.

Android Apps

Our developers are fluent in Java and C++ Languages which are essential in developing Mobile Applications for the Google Play Store across a multitude of Android devices. Our experienced developers  get your application approved by Google and ultimately uploaded onto Google Play.

Your app will consistently work across all devices and leverage any Android tech available to date. Android mobile app development has become one of our core strengths soon after the platform was released in 2008.

IOS Apps

When it comes to application development for Apple devices, there are very specific measures to be taken during development to ensure that the application is compatible. The team at Docket Apps Developers are fluent in XCODE and iOS SDK which are crucial graphical elements in creating the best Apple Applications for your business.  

From API integration to ARKit solutions — our extensive expertise in iOS mobile app development and Swift will help you meet the high demands of Apple’s fans.

Native Apps

If you’re looking to create a mobile application for one type of specific platform such as Android or iOS or even looking to target a specific smartphone model, we’ve got plenty of solutions for you! This is the perfect type of application development process, if your target market tends to one specific type of niche customer.

Native apps with up to 50% code reuse, forms with up to 90% shared code, complex client-server applications and data visualisation via Syncfusion — these are the cornerstones of our Xamarin mobile app development offering.

Hybrid Apps

As much as we tend to niche market segments, our development team also specialises in developing mobile applications over an array of platforms such as Windows, Android and iOS. This type of Application development helps to promote your application to a wider segment of customers who use different type of devices, running different platforms.

We can help you create cross-platform web-based apps, establish real-time data sync with WebSockets, create a Proof-of-Concept app, and more. We can build you a fast, reliable backend, as well as create a secure IoT infrastructure.

Our Mobile Based Solutions

Mobile apps take your brand to clients’ fingertips and position your business as a rich entity in potential segments.



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